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  Transpersonal coaching & psychotherapy with Mark Reeves, Dip, MA

A Journey Back To Who You Are

Hello and welcome to my site. I am a therapist, coach & counsellor with a deep love for this work. I have been doing it for many years and feel inspired to offer what I believe is a very enriching path of returning to our true essence. 

If there are aspects of your life that you find challenging and you long to break free from some of the restrictive cycles and patterns then I would love to stand alongside you and give you my full presence and support, and together we can create a safe space in which you can find the courage to risk opening to all that is within you.

I offer sessions online internationally or face to face in Brighton, UK, including Nature-Based Therapy in local woodlands.

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You Are Already Whole & Complete

We are all multi-faceted beings with many layers and many different needs, and we are fundamentally whole and complete rather than broken and needing to be fixed. The therapeutic journey helps us remember that, to see it more clearly, and to truly know it at the deepest level.

The true nature of who we really are gets overridden from a very young age, as we adapt to the world around us and shape ourselves accordingly. We don’t need to change who we are; we need to reconnect with what is already there but has been forgotten, which is the light and radiance of our inner being.

Whatever challenges we may be facing, our ‘inner being’ can never be lost, however far away from that we may feel or perceive ourselves to be.



Recently I turned to Mark for help with my mental health which I had been struggling with since my father passed away.
Mark is amazing. He is intuitive, kind, perceptive, and life changing. 
I don’t say life changing lightly, working with Mark has profoundly changed my life for the better, I am happier and healthier. I am more content and connected to the world around me and myself than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough; he truly is an amazing person and with him on your side you can achieve anything.”

Christopher T – Games Designer & publisher

I cannot recommend Mark enough. I have only seen him a few times, since I only check in with him when I feel it is needed (I am from Sweden and have been having the sessions online with him via Zoom). The impact of these few sessions has been profound for me to say the least, and I have been very inspired by him in my own work as a therapist. Mark has a very rare gift of picking up what needs to be looked into for transformation to take place and he points it out in a super clear, simple and warm way. What I most appreciate about Mark is that he won’t let me get away with anything. To me this is a testament to a therapist that has done his own work thoroughly” 

Katarina H – Psychosynthesis Therapist & Rosen Method practitioner

My sessions with Mark are an essential gift I give myself. The space and time we share along with his ability to hear beyond my words is like medicine for my entire being. It’s nurturing, challenging at times and deeply freeing. Working with Mark and the discoveries over time have been life changing for me. I’m more realised and present in the world but if someone asked me to explain what Mark does, it’s almost indescribable. I just recommend you try it.

I first met Mark at a Turning Point course he conducted 10 years ago. I travel abroad a lot and my work schedule’s unpredictable so having the flexibility to work with Mark via zoom makes it easier for me to arrange sessions. I often book our sessions rather last minute and Mark’s always very accommodating with navigating time zones.”

Anna J  –  Actress

I had regular sessions with Mark over a period of a year. He helped me face some difficult parts of myself and move through some challenging situations. Mark is an empathic listener and a kind caring wise person who is in touch with his deeper essence. He holds space in an open, inclusive, non-judgmental way. I would recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in working through difficult and complex internal experiences.”

David H – Teacher

Image of Mark Reeves with trees behind him, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching


Mark Reeves

I am an integrative embodied psychotherapist, coach and counsellor with a passion for people’s unfoldment, growth & well-being. As well as working with individual clients I have for many years been running groups and courses about personal growth and self-awareness.

I love creating opportunities for people to be real and authentic, opening themselves to discover more of who they really are. My focus and interest is on all the ways we create separation between ourselves and others and how we can open to a different possibility in which we are connected and at one with each other and our world.



I completed my training in 2006 with the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London and I have a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling from De Montfort University.

I have trained in Family Constellations with The Centre For Systemic Constellations and I have recently completed a year’s study in Embodied Psychotherapy with The Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy.

I have a Level 2 Qualification in Children and Young People’s Mental Health.

I have completed the Introduction to Nature Allied Psychotherapy with The Nature Therapy School and the Threshold course in Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practise with The Natural Academy. I am currently training in Forest Bathing with Nature & Therapy.


Sessions can be online via Zoom or any other medium, including phone if you prefer. If you are based in Sussex, then you have the option to come in person and have face-to-face sessions. I am based in Brighton, very close to the station. You may like to have Nature-Based Therapy sessions held in local Sussex woodlands. 

Some people have regular sessions, this is often weekly, and others utilise this service as and when they need. You may be wanting something short term or more ongoing.

Sessions are charged on a sliding scale payment system. The full rate is £90 (€110). The middle rate is £75 (€90) and the lower rate is £60 (€75). For The United States it is $130, $110, $90. You choose which level is appropriate to you based on your own circumstances.

I have an online booking schedule where you can see available days and times and book yourself in.


You can send a message to get in touch or call me on +44 7944 312741, or you can book a free 30-minute introductory session.