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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a simple, fun & engaging way of connecting more deeply with nature and with ourselves.

By wandering in the woodlands with curiosity, in a state of openness and being tuned into the environment, our nervous system starts to relax and we can feel more present and settled. Nature is able to reflect back our own inner stillness, which is always there beneath the surface turbulence and noise.

Opening more deeply to nature

Forest Bathing is a guided experience that usually takes place in a group.  It encompasses a mixture of mindful walking and simple invitations to connect with your surroundings. There is no set structure, but it may include gentle breathing, noticing the feeling of the wind or sun on your skin and touching and exploring a tree or other natural objects.

Natural health benefits

Studies have shown that Forest Bathing helps to reduce stress, worry, anxiety & depression and has many other mental health and general health benefits.

In local woodlands, near Brighton

Group Forest Bathing walks take place periodically in woodlands in Stanmer Park, Brighton. See Workshops Page for any upcoming Forest Bathing events.

Individual one-one sessions also take place in woodlands within Stanmer Park.

Slowing down, being still and observing all that is around you whilst breathing deeply helps you let go of accumulated stress and enhance your overall health and wellbeing in an easy and enjoyable way.

It draws on our innate and intuitive knowledge, which is knowing that we are part of nature and have a deep need to feel that connection.

Simple, easy and intuitive 

Take slow deep breaths and smell the forest air. Touch the trees, feel the leaves and soil. Take your time, look around and take in your surroundings as you slowly walk though the woods.

A beautiful Nature Based practice of being in a state of conscious presence through immersing yourself in a forest or woodland environment

“I entered into a magical, peaceful inner space feeling connected with nature.”

Nourishment for the soul

Moving, stretching, exploring or even dancing; Forest Bathing is an embodied practice that supports you in following your inner impulse and letting nature be your guide. Rejuvenating, uplifting & nurturing; it can be active and engaging or quiet, meditative and still. 

“I slowed down, I noticed, I felt, I saw, heard, smelled, touched. I actually was there not only in my body as I tend to do, but in my Being. Now I’m just a little more “there” when I am surrounded by nature because I was reminded of how to Be with it, respectfully. Thank you Mark.”   Sally

“I spend plenty of time in nature but this was a first; to be guided and held so that I experienced sounds and sensations in a new way. It feels like this is so needed in the fast-paced world we live in. I think doing this as a group is what makes it special, you can hear other people’s perspectives and share something that would never normally happen in daily life.”  Anita

“I really enjoyed this morning’s nature walk with Mark. Being in the woods is a pleasure in itself but the simple suggestions really brought, a depth to the experience. A lovely process of building a deeper connection with nature. The notion of being in relationship with the woods enriched the forest bathing experience.” Stephen


Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku) is a Nature Based Therapy practice of immersing yourself in a natural forest or woodland environment for relaxation, reduction of stress, and enhanced overall well-being through mindful engagement with nature. You may feel more grounded and centred in yourself as you allow all of your senses to become more awakened and attuned.

Stress Reduction

Forest Bathing has been prescribed by the Ministry of Health in Japan as part of their national health care system since the 1980’s after scientific studies that demonstrated the mental health benefits of spending time under the canopy of trees. This was done in response to extremely high levels of stress and anxiety in their workforce at that time.

Health & Well-being

Some of the other recorded benefits of Forest Bathing include increased energy levels, improved immune system, deeper quality of sleep & enhanced attentiveness. Results have shown that it can lower your blood pressure and help you recover from illness and trauma more quickly.

Playful exploration

In a forest or woodlands there is much to explore via all our senses, sight, sound, smells and touch. What do we see when we allow ourselves to truly look? The variety of colours. Some bright, some subtle. Letting our eyes drink it all in. Noticing sound, far and near. Birdsong, the quiet rustling of the leaves in the trees or a bubbling brook.

Tuning into the sound of the stillness of the forest. You may want to kneel down and touch the fallen leaves on the ground or explore the texture of bark or moss. Feeling the sensations within your body and experiencing your body as a part of nature, connected and at one with all that is around you.

In Stanmer Park, Brighton

Group Forest Bathing walks take place periodically in woodlands in Stanmer Park, Brighton. See Workshops Page for any upcoming Forest Bathing events.

Individual one-one sessions also take place in woodlands within Stanmer Park.

Image of Mark Reeves in woods, Mark Therapeutic Coaching

Mark Reeves is an integrative psychotherapist, coach and counsellor who likes to work with his clients outdoors in nature as well as in a room or on-line.  He runs groups and courses focusing on people’s personal growth and  well-being and loves creating opportunities for people to be real and authentic, opening themselves to discover more of who they really are.

He is currently studying Nature &  Forest therapy with Nature & Therapy and has taken trainings in Nature Allied Psychotherapy with The Nature Therapy School and in Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practise with The Natural Academy.

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