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  Transpersonal coaching & psychotherapy with Mark Reeves, Dip, MA

Family Constellations

Developed by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations open us up to the unseen field of interconnections and ancestral influences. Simple but hidden truths can be revealed and understood, giving new insight and opportunities for change and movement.

The focus can be about family, work, relationships, finances, personal projects, or any significant thing that you would like to unravel and understand a bit more of its inner mystery. This approach looks at your specific personal issue as an element within a larger system. By opening it up to a wider context it enables a shift where you can see things in a different light and from a whole new perspective.

Family Constellations can be brought into any session and often are something that just emerge when the time feels right, or it may be the specific approach that you would like to work with from the outset.

Exploring the historic ‘entanglement’ through the lens of systemic constellation work can offer insight and illumination that allows a natural healing to occur. This then can restore the natural flow to our daily lives.

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