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  Transpersonal coaching & psychotherapy with Mark Reeves, Dip, MA

Golden autumn leaves nature therapy, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching

Nature-Based Therapy

Would you like to have your therapy sessions outside in nature? Taking the therapeutic experience out into our natural environment opens up a whole other level of connectivity, depth and embodiment. Our surroundings become an active element within the session, opening up our senses, and helping us reconnect with our self.

Aligned with Ecotherapy but focusing more on the ongoing individual therapeutic process, Nature-Based Therapy provides a deepening of your connection to nature and an opportunity to explore this relationship. When we open to nature as a teacher and let it be the guiding principle in the session it can be powerfully restorative and healing to our life as a whole.

Sessions take place in Stanmer Woodlands within Stanmer Park, about 10 minute drive from Brighton. There are also buses that go directly to Stanmer Park from Brighton. Sessions can also take place on Hove seafront.


Countryside open gate with field in the background, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching nature therapy

Nature-Based Therapy enables a fully embodied reconnection to the land and to ourselves. It helps us return to a state of inner balance and wholeness.


Base of tree and forest floor with leaves, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy For Our Well-Being

I am particularly influenced and inspired by the work of Beth Collier and the Nature Therapy School.

“Human health is dependent on a healthy relationship with nature. When disconnection occurs our sense of well-being will suffer. Many people today have lost a sense of belonging to the natural world, therapeutic work in allegiance with nature helps to address the traumas of disconnection, processing loss, and repairing dissociative relationships with nature.” Beth Collier


Forest fern and branches with pink blossom, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching Nature Therapy
Green leafy woodlands with path, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching Nature Therapy

The Nature Therapy Approach

Nature-Based Psychotherapy takes place in and with nature, providing a theoretical framework for ongoing psychotherapy practice, establishing a modality which;

  • takes place in natural settings
  • works at relational depth in and with nature
  • explores the clients’ relationship with nature in addition to the exploration of their human relationships
  • practices an ongoing relationship between client, therapist and nature
  • exposes clients to the health-promoting qualities of nature                                                      
    Quoted from the Nature Therapy School website


Woodlands with golden autumn leaves, Mark Reeves Therapeutic Coaching Nature Therapy

Session Structure

A nature-based therapy session can take several different forms, sometimes we will simply sit together in a quiet spot, or we may spend the time walking, and it may often be a mix of both of these, depending on what you are wanting or what we are both sensing is needed. You may wish to talk, just as you would in a more conventional counselling/therapy context and there may also be natural pauses or time spent in silence. There may be more emphasis on what is happening in the present moment, your connection to the environment and what that feels like and what this activates and awakens within you or you might just need to share about the things that are happening in your life, relationships, work, etc. The interplay between our inner world and the external environment often becomes more apparent within the context of nature-based therapy. Other therapeutic elements can be brought in including inner somatic sensing, visualisation, inner child work, etc.


You can send a message to get in touch or call me on +44 7944 312741, or you can book a free 30-minute introductory session.