Therapeutic Coaching

  Transpersonal coaching & psychotherapy with Mark Reeves, Dip, MA


Is this Coaching or Therapy?

It’s both. In fact, any really good therapy should include aspects of coaching and vice versa, as not only do they overlap with each other, but the two apparent separate practices are really very intricately linked. Psychotherapy doesn’t just look into your past; it also explores the steps forward that you are needing to take as part of your psychotherapeutic journey.

And coaching doesn’t just focus on goals and objectives, as at some point to be truly effective it has to also look inward to what is happening internally, what it is that is blocking you taking the steps you want to take. Exploring the resistance and fears we may have often means we may look into our past and early life to some degree, and this in turn leads us back to the changes we need to implement right now in our day to day life.

This is a shared journey of discovery and co-creation in which you dive as deeply in as you feel ready. From this inner exploration clarity and insight can naturally emerge about the outward steps in your life that need to be taken. The changes that you want to make outwardly are intrinsically connected to what is happening in your inner landscape. Therefore therapy and coaching cannot really ever be divorced from each other but are just 2 aspects of an overall process.

When to have some sessions?

The time to have some sessions could be any of the following:

You are at a crossroads in your life, either major or minor and you want some assistance to navigate it.

When you have a particular life issue arising that you want help with to work through. For example, noticing a repeating pattern and feeling ready to transform it.

When you feel vulnerable and in need of support for any reason.

When you are wanting to make something happen that is important to you, and you want support to help you stay on track. At these times coaching/therapy can act as an anchor for you.

You are feeling self-reflective and want to go deeper into your inner experience and feel ready to open things up.

You are feeling ready for change and expansion.

You are feeling stuck or frustrated with things and want help to move forward.

You have been feeling stressed and anxious and feel ready to come out of that and want the help and support to do so.

There is something happening for you that you want some help to shine a light on and so that you can find clarity.

How will i benifit?

The main benefit of any coaching, therapy or counselling is that of having some focused time just for you.

The real value of it is the level of self-care that you are giving yourself by having that time and the deep enrichment that can come from taking the space to attend to your inner life.

Everyone’s experience is different but some of the common things people speak of often include feeling lighter, more at peace with themselves and a sense of being reconnected to what really matters to them.

How many sessions will I need?

There is no set number of sessions required for it to be effective for you. It can be on an ongoing basis or for a short period, depending on your needs. Even a one-off single session of coaching/therapy can be helpful.

The sessions can become like an anchor point in your life. This provides support for you on an ongoing basis if you wish to use it in that way. As trust is established it becomes a space that you can return to where you know you can just be yourself fully. Some people come weekly, and others utilise this service as and when they need.

Can you help with depression?

Yes, Therapeutic Coaching can be very helpful for depression.

At the root of depression, we may be experiencing grief, loss, anger amongst many possibilities. Fundamentally it can be a sense of ‘giving up’ and then experiencing a sense of an inner ‘collapse’. In our sessions together, you are encouraged to give voice to all that is really going on within you, not just on the surface but at the deeper levels too. As you start to express what is there and you feel you are being heard, understood and received, without judgement, then you can begin to reconnect to your life-force and emerge from the slump. However, this takes courage and may also take some time.

In this context I am referring to the milder end of the depression spectrum, which is different to severe depression, which needs to be addressed via longer term psychotherapy.

Can you help with Anxiety?

Yes, Therapeutic Coaching can be very helpful for overcoming anxiety.

Anxiety in all its various forms can at times overwhelm us and block us from fully engaging in life in the way we would like. There may also be a mild form of anxiety that is still inhibiting for us.
In our sessions together, you would be encouraged to go within and connect with the sensation in your body that is associated with it. Where is it held physically? What does it feel like?

Current circumstances may activate it but usually its origins will be older, often going back to our childhood. With support we can begin to face it directly and rather than treat it like an enemy, we can begin to make friends with our anxiety. Then it can settle and have less of a grip on us.

Why would I have coaching/therapy?

To break through limiting patterns of behaviour and make more empowered choices.

To help with challenging life situations such as bereavement, major changes etc.

To have someone to talk things through with who can empathise and understand.

To get support with emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress etc.

To help you with challenging interpersonal conflicts, at work, in family or with friends.

To work through relationship challenges.

To help you feel happier, fulfilled and at peace with yourself.

Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone who wants to be helped and supported in their personal growth and development.

It is for anyone who has issues in any area of their life that they would like some help and support with.

It is for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and open to more of their potential.

How much does it cost?

Sessions are charged on a sliding scale payment system. The full rate is £90 (110). The middle rate is £75 (90) and the lower rate is £60 (75). For The United States it is $130, $110, $90)
You choose which level is appropriate to you based on your own circumstances.

Can this be helpful for relationships?

Yes, this can be extremely beneficial to your relationship, to have the time and space for yourself to explore the dynamics that are affecting you, even if your partner is not actively engaged in a similar therapeutic process.

By taking responsibility for what is going on at your end you are unhooking from the energetic interplay between you. This allows you to let go of blame and judgement and in time become less reactive and therefore able to bring a greater capacity of openheartedness to the people around you. This applies to friendships and work colleagues as well as primary relationships.

Can you help with burnout/exhaustion?

Yes, Therapeutic Coaching can help with burnout and exhaustion.

Burnout and fatigue have become very common, whether mild or severe. It is a sign that we are operating in a ‘mode’ that is not in harmony with our body’s wisdom and that we are out of synch with ourselves on some level. Are you pushing yourself to achieve something and not listening to your body? Are you really living from your truth or is there a sense of having to be something that you think you are supposed to be? Does this lead to a desire to distract yourself and disconnect?

The crash and subsequent loss of energy is a sign to come back into balance and to reconnect with what feels right for you.

What is your training and qualifications?

I have a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling and a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling from De Montfort University. Obtained in 2006.

I have recently qualified as an Integrative Embodied Psychotherapist with The Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy.

I have a Level 2 Qualification in Children and Young People’s Mental Health.

I have been working in Personal Development, Psychology, Coaching & Counselling for over 25 years and have been a qualified psychotherapist for the last 17 years.

I have completed the advanced training in Family & Systemic Constellations with The Centre for Systemic Constellations (CSC) and this ‘systemic perspective’ has now become a central part of the way I work, incorporating it wherever appropriate.

I have completed a foundation training in Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Awareness with the Chiron Centre, and this forms an integral part of my work as I see our awareness of what is happening within our bodies as a vital part of healing and re-connection to ourselves.

I have completed the Introduction to Nature Allied Psychotherapy with The Nature Therapy School and the Threshold course in Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practise with The Natural Academy. I am currently training in Forest Bathing with Nature & Connection. 



Sessions can be online via Zoom or any other medium, including phone if you prefer. If you are based in Sussex, then you have the option to come in person and have face to face sessions. I am based in Brighton, very close to the station. You may like to have Nature-Based Therapy sessions held in local Sussex woodlands. 

Some people have regular sessions, this is often weekly, and others utilise this service as and when they need. You may be wanting something short term or more ongoing.

Sessions are charged on a sliding scale payment system. The full rate is £90 (€110). The middle rate is £75 (€90) and the lower rate is £60 (€75). For The United States it is $130, $110, $90. You choose which level is appropriate to you based on your own circumstances.

I have an online booking schedule where you can see available days and times and book yourself in.


You can send a message to get in touch or call me on +44 7944 312741, or you can book a free 30-minute introductory session.