Therapeutic Coaching

  Transpersonal coaching & psychotherapy with Mark Reeves, Dip, MA

I am very deeply grateful for the support you have given me over the last few months. I came with an intention to just move beyond the crisis I was experiencing and the chronic illness I had developed, but what I got from your sessions is A LOT bigger than that.

I finally had a chance to not only release a lot of stress stored deeply in my body, but also to explore and integrate a different blueprint for approaching certain situations in my life. I feel a lot freer now, accepting of what is and more ready to move forward, trusting in life. And it’s very reassuring to know I have built this therapeutic relationship with you that I can return to if I need more help.”

Julia S  – Artist

I have been working with Mark for nearly 3 years on and off. I began working with him at a time when I wasn’t sure what my future held including a cross country move from LA to NYC. So having remote sessions via zoom was exactly what I needed! And that was before the pandemic made it “cool” to have therapy over zoom. He was already doing it! His style is so kind and thoughtful. I have always felt as though he truly hears me and supports my growth and progress. As my finances and schedule have changed he has still made it possible for me to get the help I need. I have been through periods of time where we connect every week and others where it’s more like once a month. He allows me to come and go in a way that I find so comfortable while still holding me accountable. I feel empowered to make actual changes in my life every time I talk with him and through the lowest time in my life he genuinely helped me see what I am capable of.”

 Emily M – Actor

Mark was highly recommended to me by a friend. I had observed my friend make amazing progress in her life and I was still struggling. I took the leap and began sessions with Mark, and I only wish I had started sooner.

Mark has really helped me think through a lot of thoughts that made me feel extremely stuck. Mark works with you to understand where you have come from and where you would like to be. I never felt he was ever going through the motions. Every word I spoke was heard and understood. Throughout our sessions I started to see a real change. I was starting to recognise patterns of behaviour. I particularly valued discussing many layers of my family, I never understood how these past relationships were having an impact on my life now. Mark creates a space filled with patience, trust, understanding, knowledge and is an empathetic professional. As someone who is a self-confessed overthinker Mark created a space for me feel, and now I am on the way to feeling unstuck, and it feels great. 

My experience with Mark has been very positive and would highly recommend.”

Mary S – Primary School Teacher



“I feel I must share my experience of having had sessions with Mark, to encourage and reassure people who like me, would like some help, which is not the same as just automatically trusting anybody with your deepest thoughts/feelings. Mark made it easier for me to relax and be as truthful as I could ever be (which is the only way you can be helped), because he is gentle (which does not mean he won’t provide firmer guidance when required), and all exchanges were done at my pace, with only my agenda in mind. Never did Mark tackle a session with pre-conceived plans, as on the contrary he always first listened to whatever I felt I wanted to say, and only then would he start guiding me to help me pacify my mind.

 He is a very special person. His training in this line of work does not define him but just confirms his sensitivity, willingness to understand and help, and his kindness.

It is my gratitude to my therapist that is manifesting itself except that it is not the therapist I am talking about but the special human being that makes him a good therapist.”

Adrianne C – Nursing Assistant



Mark was my teacher throughout the Turning Point and Point of Choice retreats. He held a safe and completely non-judgmental space and masterfully led me through various exercises and practices to enable me to explore the truth of who I really am. My time in his care was transformative and I am forever grateful.

Sarah M – Actress & Life Coach



Mark has a unique ability to get swiftly to the core of an issue in a caring, supportive, non judgemental way. He is undoubtedly the best therapist I have come across and  always the first person I would turn to when life throws up issues that I need some guidance to work through.

After a session with Mark I feel I have gained understanding which I wasn’t able to on my own. He guides me away from getting lost in old habitual patterns and stories and instead to see more clearly how I can learn more about myself and how to find more inner peace.”

Sylvia F – Artist



“I have known Mark for 20 years, first in his role as an instructor in the Turning Point courses and then as a therapist on and off over many years. Mark is an amazingly intuitive therapist and instructor, he has the ability to see and then guide the individual or group into the essence of what is really going on, to gently bring attention to that, then to open up the space around it, and through that process to facilitate deep understanding and healing.”

Peter F – Economics Professor



Finding Mark has truly been one of the greatest gifts in addressing my aspects of healing over the past 6 years. He has given me incredible tools to navigate my set of triggers and trauma, while consistently challenged with grace and encouraged with real concern and skill. Mark’s zoom availability has meant we have been able to connect around the world on my travels with ease. My life and heart would not feel as light without the wisdom he’s shared and helped me to tap into, from within. 

 Ryan C  –  Actor and Fitness Coach

I first discovered Mark during a difficult transition in my life. I had been looking for someone with the skills to help me navigate difficult emotions and to become clear on which choices were in my truth going forward.

He is intuitive, kind, empathetic and very skilled.

Within the container of Mark’s psychotherapy, I have moved to the country of my dreams, expanded my business worldwide and now nearly completed a divorce with love and respect present between us.

If you are looking to transform any area of your life, then I highly recommend committing to a course of sessions with him

Martin H – Coach & Healer

I’ve been seeing Mark off and on for 10 years!  it has been either in consecutive weekly stints as and when I have felt I needed it, or a drop in now and again for some booster support.

He has helped me in so many ways through the years. He is a highly skilled and compassionate individual who when needed has always held me accountable, which is refreshing to receive from a therapist.  Although he does it in a very gentle yet firm way, which I welcome. He has helped me with all my relationships by always pointing the focus back to myself and how I can learn to find resolve and peace. My husband and children have gone to Mark voluntarily for assistance and also felt very supported.  In fact my hubby also uses Mark as a support system for challenging times.

I always feel really validated, heard and seen by Mark.  It is a blessing to have him in my life in the capacity of a therapist / coach.  My emotional life is often challenging, so it’s good to know I have somewhere to go when things become overwhelming, or I am struggling to put previous strategies or lessons I have learned from him into practise.

Thank you Mark, I am so very grateful to you and your service, wisdoms I have gained through a deeper understanding of myself not only benefit me but all those around me I am sure.

Alexandra H – Mother/Artist/Song Writer/Performer 

“I first met Mark on one of his group courses (Turning Point) which was a transformational and powerful experience and still influences me all the time. I’ve also seen his courses work like that for lots of other people when I’ve helped on the support team. 

Since then I’ve chosen to see Mark one to one, often when I’m going through a hard time. I trust Mark completely. He has great integrity, he always chooses to do what’s best for you, even though it might not be the easy option for him. I have never met anybody like him, I always recommend him to people, he works with compassion, honesty and real care. He has made a big difference in my life, there is so much more I could say about him and how he has helped me.”

Stephen J – Osteopath

“I have had one to one sessions with Mark off and one for many years, and more recently using zoom, which also has worked well.  I have found working with him to be truly life changing and profoundly healing.

He has great wisdom, insight, intuition, integrity and complete professionalism. From my very first session I knew that I could completely trust him to truly listen and ‘be there’ with me, enabling me to explore very deeply without any fear of judgement or misunderstanding. I value the depth of knowledge he has on all levels, mind. body and spirit. And I have always felt that he dived in to the sessions as much as he encouraged me to do.
I would always, and have many times. recommend Mark as a therapist – and will always value the sessions I have had, and those I will have in the future.”

Sally G – Grandmother 

“Mark’s work had a transformational impact on me. It’s as simple as that. Over time, I got to unearth a number of traumas and patterns, and through Mark’s work I was able to heal them. And in turn I was able to unleash a power that I hadn’t touched on for many years.”

Brendon M –  Coach and Communications Consultant

Mark brings a depth of wisdom, compassion, insight and care which enables people to feel safe and trusting and therefore to open themselves up to depths within themselves that they may not usually access. It is this commitment to deep, authentic inner dialogue that brings true transformation and lasting effective change.” 

Deborah L –  Life Coach

“I have been working with Mark for a few years and have found his knowledge and support invaluable during some testing times in my life. When I went through a divorce three years ago my first step of self-care was to find a good therapist, and a friend of a friend highly recommend Mark to me. Since then Mark has helped me through many challenging moments – I now work with him on a more ad hoc bases when I need professional support to understand my thoughts, and “go-to” processes. Every session is illuminating and fuelled with ‘aha moments’ that have helped re-shape my thinking and habits, so have highly recommended Mark to many of my own circle of friends.”

Eleanor T  – Interior and fashion stylist

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